Surgery Coach

Chris is trained and certified by Peggy Huddleston, the author of Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster: A Guide of Mind-Body Techniques. Individuals facing surgery learn how to reduce anxiety and feel peaceful before surgery which strengthens their immune system. Research shows that Peggy Huddleston’s method reduces the use of pain medication after surgery and speeds healing.

You may be feeling concern or experiencing anxiety over an upcoming medical surgical procedure. It’s understandable to feel nervous.

Here’s how we can work together:

  • Pre-surgery- Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Workshop™. The book, Prepare for Surgery, Faster by Peggy Huddleston and its companion CD or mp3 must be purchased.
  • Other workshops based on Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster 5-step program include:
    • Reduce Anxiety, Headaches and Migraines™
    • Lessen Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation™
    • Lessen Chronic Pain and Speed Healing™
  • Personal coaching after surgery

Services are offered in-person, over the phone or Internet

For additional information please see my Prepare for Surgery Brochure.

“Peggy Huddleston’s Prepare for Surgery ™
is the most complete program for
approaching surgery with
maximal healing power.”

—Christiane Northup, MD
Surgeon and past president
American Holistic Medical Association
Author, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“I went through this program myself
and it made such a difference in my life,
I became certified so I could offer the
healing benefits to others.”

—Chris Duffy-Wentzel

Surgery Coaching Packages

Preparation: Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Session

  • Complimentary Discovery call
  • Five Steps to Prepare and Heal Faster (one-on-one Zoom, phone, or in-person)
  • Post-surgery follow-up check-in

Post-Recovery: Coaching for Ongoing Wellbeing and Enhanced Intuition

Level 1 Includes:  

  • Complimentary Discovery call
  • 3 Coaching Sessions focused on reducing anxiety and increasing relaxation
Level 2 Includes:  

  • 6 Coaching Sessions

Reviews for This Program

Upon hearing the news that I needed major abdominal surgery, I became instantly anxious. I recalled a prior surgery and the challenges associated with it. A friend recommended Chris Duffy-Wentzel and the Prepare for Surgery Workshop. I was skeptical. The experience exceeded my expectations. I used considerably less pain medication than my prior surgery AND was working with a physical therapist weeks ahead of schedule. She coached me on how to speak with the anesthesiologist and surgeon. I was surprised at their willingness to support my process. Chris followed up, ensuring everything was going well. I highly recommend the Heal Faster program and Chris.

— WD

Chris’s calming voice and presence over the phone was very reassuring and comforting. She has personal experience with the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster program and I found her confidence and conviction powerful support tools. My shoulder surgery went smoothly and I am back to painting landscapes. I’m positive that Chris will help others feel empowered and approach their surgery with a positive attitude.

— MC

Eternal thanks to Chris for helping make my foot surgery so successful! We had been working toward a March 2020 surgery date when the pandemic shut everything down. But the work we had done helped me cope with the delays until the August operation. My surgeon is so amazed by my healing progress that he is letting me out of the boot two weeks early. When he asked my secret, I was so happy to say that it was kind, empathic, talented Chris Duffy.

— C

I know medical procedures and surgery can be unsettling and scary.
And making wellness choices can be confusing.
I’m here to help.
Let’s have a complimentary call.

Every thought we think is creating our future.

—Louise Hay