Finding The Missing Peace

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Finding the Missing Peace is both a compelling mystery and a spiritual search for a deeper identity. It is a captivating, uplifting, and heart-opening story of Chris Duffy-Wentzel’s search for her birth mother. Once I began reading her book, I did not want to put it down as I followed Chris along the path of unravelling the mystery of her birth. I read in wonder as she uncovered essential clues through unconventional psychic means when adoption agencies refused to help her, and how in the process of this search, she found something very precious—a deep sense of her own identity
and her true spiritual essence.

—Marjorie Woollacott PhD

Neuroscientist and Author, Infinite Awareness: The Awakening of a Scientific Mind

A woman’s transformational healing journey back to wholeness.

A life-threatening diagnosis sent me on a race against time to unlock the secrets trapped within my sealed adoption records. After three decades of failed attempts and closed doors using traditional search methods, something had to change. The diagnosis intensified the need to find my birth mother and family medical history. Time was running out.

Then, through a message received in a dream, I was told that to unlock this mystery, “unconventional methods” were required. As an Immuno-virologist, I had built my career following protocols and things seen under a microscope. I would have to trust my inner guidance and become my own “Adoption Detective.”

This led me on an odyssey I could not have imagined. Doors opened, people came forth and mysterious secrets of my birth and subsequent adoption were slowly revealed. Finding answers in different places – beyond science and reason placed me on a unique path, that eventually guided me to a medical intuitive, astrologer, psychic, medium, visualization processes, and past-life regression.

The journey evolved into much more than finding missing pieces of the past. It led me to an integrated healing journey, focused on my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. A peace arose that wasn’t dependent on the unpredictable nature of outside forces.

Finding the Missing Peace shares the process and resources that I used to embrace the idea that healing is not about fixing anything that’s broken. It’s about creating space for stillness, unlocking your inner guidance system, self-acceptance, and remembering the wholeness that is you.

Could my unknown birth family hold the keys to saving my life and finding peace?


About the Author

Chris Duffy-Wentzel specializes in creating mind-body-spirit wellness journeys. A certified surgery and life coach, Chris partners with individuals creating a unique path to wholeness in her private practice and mind-body-spirit retreats in the beautiful Sedona area.

You may find her hiking or kayaking with her husband or doing a sunrise yoga pose on Cathedral Rock. Her 2 cats Bella and Mukti prefer to sleep in.

A portion of the proceeds from book sales are offered to “Crossing Worlds Hopi Projects,” a volunteer organization that supports indigenous people’s sustainability.

What people are saying about 
Finding the missing peace

Finding the Missing Peace has a universal appeal. The element of mystery in it will engage the heart of the reader who will journey right with the author. The book is a life-giving gift that will help others in their search for healing.

—Beth Kingsley Hawkins

M. A., music psychotherapist

Chris Duffy-Wentzel’s journey of healing physically, emotionally and spiritually is fascinating. Her journey is so compelling that I could not stop reading her book. Her honesty touched my heart. Her humor made me laugh out loud. She tells her life story with an open heart as she recounts her insights and lessons in life.

—Peggy Huddleston

Author, Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster: A Guide of Mind-Body Techniques

Chris’s life story is truly a journey shared with unconditional love. A compelling read that kept me turning pages for the next sequel to unfold. Her journey of healing takes the reader through the struggle of a linear-led life to the empowered connection to Spirit leading her to all that she asked for and needed in her life. Chris’s authenticity and integrity to share the truth about her past is truly inspirational.

—Rev. Michelle Love

Medium, Psychic and founder of Light the Way, Naples, Florida

Numerous times during reading this heart-warming story I was inspired and moved to tears. At every turn, the courage, eager openness to learning the truth and tenacity of the author-as-detective never disappoints. The story, as if woven by magic, left me with a deeper and more expanded understanding of the power and importance of mother.

—Susanne Bennett

Editor, Public Speaker, Personal Coach

We all have a journey but few have the depth of soul and open mind to follow the path through time and space the way Chris Duffy has. Relish her story and perhaps let her guide your heart along your own winding road.

—MJ Proske

Yoga Instructor, Author

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The only thing that was ever wrong with me was my belief that there was something wrong with me.

—Glennon Doyle