Career & Life Coaching

Do you have great ideas but don’t know how to get started?

Considering relocating?

Seeking a career change or advancement?

Want a healthier mindset and more positive energy in your life?

Wherever you are on your life journey I can help
you have a breakthrough.

Chris Duffy-Wentzel is a certified Results Coach, specializing in wellness, career and life coaching.

I’ve experienced all of these challenges, and along the way, I’ve discovered ways to thrive during life’s unexpected challenges.

Why Coaching is the way to go

Coaching is a partnership, co-creating positive change by improving thinking. The first step to creating positive change is for people to believe in their potential and their power to change. The coach’s role is to facilitate this process. 

Neuroscience has shown it is difficult to undo the “hard wiring” that makes us repeat what we’ve always done. The good news is that by working together, we can “lay down” new wires. By changing your way of thinking you gain the insights and flexibility to develop a plan to reach your vision. You learn to shift your awareness and focus on solutions not problems. 

Coaching is different from consulting. A consultant does a job for you, whereas a coach supports you to do the job better yourself. Coaching is not counseling either. Coaching is focused on where you are NOW, where you want to be and what you will do about getting there. Coaching is ALL about moving forward and looks at “how” not “why.”

Life and Career Coaching Packages


  • Complimentary Discovery Call
  • VIP day: Big Ideas, setting the stage for success: Virtual or in Sedona
  • 3 month, 2 sessions/month: 12- week series
  • 6-month progress check-in: virtual or in Sedona


  • Complimentary Discovery Call
  • VIP day: Big Ideas, setting the stage for success. Virtual or in Sedona
  • 6 months, 3 sessions/month: 18-week series
  • Personalized mind-body-spirit session with a Sedona practioners: In-person or virtual

Positive Words about Chris’s Coaching

In my role as a Sales Director, I have had the opportunity to interact with Chris as an instructor, a facilitator, a mentor, and as a coach. It isn’t often that you find someone that has the capabilities to excel at one of these functions, Chris excels at all of them. As a mentor and a coach Chris has had a tremendous impact on my career.  She has a unique talent of recognizing and developing the potential in people. She is someone you can trust 100% to provide you with the coaching needed to stimulate your personal growth.

— WA

No one has had a bigger or more positive impact on my career than Chris Duffy-Wentzel. I have grown both personally and professionally. Chris has been instrumental in helping me to develop as a sales rep, as a leader amongst my peers, and as a respected consultant to leadership within my organization. I can say with 100% confidence that I would not be where I am today without Chris’s results focused coaching.

— DB

I received incredible coaching from Chris that will forever impact my career and personal life. Chris is exceptional at listening and understanding people to gauge not only where they are currently, but how they can truly move forward in becoming the best version of themselves. Chris helped me see my personal potential. I learned valuable insights, gained confidence, professionalism, and leadership that I will apply. I strongly recommend the coaching of Chris.

— CF

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to feel 100% supported in working towards achieving your dreams?
Let’s partner together.

The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old but on building the new.