Mind-body-spirit wellness journeys, personal coaching,
and spiritual retreats in
Sedona, Arizona with
Chris Duffy-Wentzel.

Experience the powerful, healing energy of Sedona

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Navigate surgery and other procedures with less anxiety, using less pain medication, with improved outcomes. Research shows that mind-body techniques for individuals facing surgery strengthens your immune system and speeds healing. I am trained and certified by Peggy Huddleston in the Prepare for Surgery Heal Faster ™ 5 steps to prepare for surgery.

Career and Life Coaching

Are you wondering if you should relocate? Change careers? Start your own business? Imagine what you can achieve with a certified coach dedicate to YOU and the realization of your dreams and visions?

We all have an internal compass that can provide every answer we are seeking. Results Coaching combines neuroscience with your own innate wisdom to create your unique path.

Sedona Well-Being Retreats

Have you always wanted to come to Sedona and experience the power and magic of the vortexes, red rocks and ancient juniper trees?  looking for the right healers in Sedona requires planning and preparation. As a certified coach, I help you gain focus and clarity to find the right people. And once you’re back home, assist with the integration of your experiences.

Large drop cap of the letter AKachina “ka-chin-a” is a spiritual being central to the life of the Hopi, who live in northern Arizona, and have done so for twelve hundred years. The “Kachina Woman” is a particular spirit said to inhabit a rock formation of the same name in Boynton Canyon, near Sedona. Kachina Woman stands tall in the canyon as the guardian and protector and invites everyone who visits the chance to connect to their divine presence within.

When an unexpected diagnosis disrupted my life, she offered me a place for stillness to listen to my innate wisdom, and create my own unique mind-body-spirit healing journey.

If you are on any type of healing or self-growth journey, Kachina Woman can help you find your unique path to wholeness..

A Woman’s Transformational Healing Journey Back to Wholeness

The author shares her transformational self-healing journey as a guide for individuals facing life-altering challenges. Diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, Chris found herself in a race against time to unlock the medical secrets trapped within her sealed adoption records. This spiritual detective adventure reveals pieces of the truth as if woven by magic. Could her unknown birth family hold the keys to saving her life and finding peace?

“In the silence inside we find peace. We find ourselves. Our whole selves. Peace is a place we never left.”

—Lee Harris